“Every individual is of value
and has something to contribute”

Drogheda Grammar School is a co-educational school with a Quaker and Protestant history. Our school welcomes students of all denominations and none.  We value each and every student’s identity and background. The school’s ethos is based on broad Quaker principles and values which influence and guide our actions.

Every day in the school we work hard to create a positive atmosphere that values each individual student and offers them opportunities to contribute and achieve.

By ensuring each student feels valued and important we can encourage students to strive for excellence in the classroom and challenge them to achieve their individual potential.

What underpins this ethos is the sense of mutual respect that influences all of our teaching and learning and general interaction with each other.  Treating each person with respect, decency and kindness allows everyone involved with the school to flourish.

We believe in spending more time talking to students than about them.  This is reflected in the individual attention and knowledge of each student, the small class sizes, the invitation for our students to attend parent teacher meetings and the general atmosphere around the school.

By creating this positive atmosphere it provides the environment in which effective teaching and learning can take place.  Through caring for and knowing each and every one of our students we can ensure they feel confident, listened to and encouraged.

Our overall aim is to ensure our students leave Drogheda Grammar School as confident, considerate and knowledgeable people who act with integrity and respect.