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How our school is run

Drogheda Grammar School was founded under Royal Charter in 1669 by Erasmus Smith and is one of the oldest secondary schools in Ireland, now enjoying its fourth century of continuous educational service to the community. Originally a boys' boarding school, it has now been a co-educational school for over fifty years.

Drogheda Grammar School is owned by a company with charitable status called Drogheda Grammar School Ltd.  This structure was set up in the early 1950s when a group of local people (mostly Quakers) saved the school from closure. Although the school is not directly a Quaker school, it is run under the Quaker principle of "every individual is of value and has something to contribute".

This philosophy is fundamental to the Mission Statement of the school.


The Board of Management


The Board of Management members are nominated by respective groups (teaching staff, parents, the Board of Directors) but are not representing them. They become full board members who are now working on behalf of the school.


The Board of Management is responsible for oversight of the day to day running of the school. It meets every 6 weeks and examines a full range of issues including Child protection , Anti-bullying, reviewing and approving policies, the school finances, teaching and learning  and the School self evaluation process to name but a few. It also takes a longer term view of how the school is being run. 

The Board of Management delegates the day to day management duties to the Principal who reports to them at each meeting. 

Board meetings are conducted on broadly Quaker lines. They start and finish with a period of reflection. When discussing issues and making decisions the Board will try to get a consensus rather than voting. If members disagree with consensus then this may be recorded.

From time to time subcommittees are appointed to deal with specific issues such as specific policies, strategic planning, building development, staffing issues or any matter deemed necessary of further attention by the Board. 

etc. The standing finance sub-committee meets before each BOM meeting. This committee considers items with financial implications and makes recommendations to the BOM as required.


The Board of Management of Drogheda Grammar School comprises of:


Four Trustee/Director nominees out of which the Chairman is appointed.

These are:

Mr Karl Allen ( Chairperson)

Dr Robert Berney

Rosaire Kelly

Richard Berney (Treasurer)


Two teacher nominees:           Ms Dawn Marie rafferty, Mr Robert Murphy

Two parent nominees:            Ms Andrea Farrell, Dr Tracey Monson


The Principal is not a member of the BOM but undertakes the role of secretary and reports and records the minutes at each meeting.



Board of Directors/Trustees


The Directors/shareholders hold their shares in trust and are responsible for the long term survival and viability of the school. Therefore their emphasis is more on the commercial/financial and capital spending issues. It also involved in ensuring that the ethos is maintained.


There are currently nine Director/shareholders.

One of these is a nominee of the Society of Friends (Quakers).

Others have been past pupils, former BOM members, former teachers and parents.


As there are nine Directors and only four places on the BOM, additional Directors have been invited to attend the meetings as a means of keeping up to date with developments.


We do not vote at the meetings but in the event of a vote being necessary the “attendee Directors” cannot vote.


The additional Directors who are invited to attend the meetings are:

Mr Dave Doherty

Ms Penny Butler

Mr Richard Moore

Ms Fiona Flynn

Mr John Maxwell


The school Management team

The Principal - Mr Hugh Baker

 The Principal is responsible for the day to day management and leadership of the school and is answerable to the Board of Management.

The Deputy Principal - Ms Marion Coll

The deputy Principal is also responsible for the day to day management of the school and plays an important role regarding the welfare of the students.

Assistant Principals

The assistant principals are members of the teaching staff who carry out certain roles and responsibilities based on the current needs of the school.


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