Drogheda Grammar School

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When your legs get tired, run with all your heart.

- Anon

Playing hockey brings a unique set of benefits to young people, including physical and mental health.  From learning valuable life lessons, to building teamwork and self confidence.  It helps them develop strength, agility and endurance whilst having fun with friends.  Hockey also teaches young people how to work together as a team and make strategic decisions, giving them a sense of accomplishment when they play well together.  Lastly, participating in hockey can help build self-esteem and confidence in young players as they learn new skills and gain appreciation for their own abilities









 Senior Girls Hockey team final match

 Senior Girls Hockey team final match

 Senior Girls Hockey team defending their goal

 Senior Girls Hockey Team celebrating their win



Senior Girls Hockey Winning Team

Senior Girls Hockey - Winners Leinster Senior Trophy: 5th Senior 1A League

Another successful year for our hockey team as we clinched the Leinster trophy, showcasing our dedication and skill on the field.  It's been a memorable journey, filled with teamwork and unforgettable moments.  As we bid farewell to our last year playing for the school, let's cherish the memories and celebrate the victories we've achieved together.

Emma and Jessica, 6th year