Drogheda Grammar School

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  1. What are the fees for this year?

The fees for academic year 2024/2025 are currently €4,380 per annum.

  1. How are the fees decided on?

The fees for the following academic year are approved by the Board of Management in April/May of the previous academic year. The Finance committee will examine the budgets, past, current and future expenditure and recommend the fee for the following year.  This is then discussed by the Board of Management and agreed. 

  1. Do the fees increase?

Yes, they can do, as it is the Board’s responsibility to cover the rising costs of running the school and inflation across society.  These costs vary year on year but areas such as utilities, insurance, salaries etc can and do increase. The school must cover these as well as constantly looking to improve the facilities, the standards and the ranges of subjects and activities we provide. There is also a responsibility to plan ahead for future developments such as new classrooms, sporting facilities, equipment etc so they can be built/provided quickly and without the need to levy additional and further increased costs on parents.

It is the Board’s intention to manage the school’s finances and plan the fees in a manner that is steady, planned and fair on parents who are committed to their son/daughter’s education. The vast majority of Board members are either current or past parents and are very aware of ensuring decisions are planned and considerate. Any increase in recent years has been a maximum of 2.5% to ensure there is no large increase at any time. It has varied between 1 and 2.5% if increased in recent years.

When planning ahead for future years it is reasonable to assume that the fees will increase at times, but only in small increments as opposed to a large increase in one year.

  1. How can the fees be paid?

Parents will be invoiced in August and the fees can be paid in full, 2 or 7 monthly standing order instalments. Contact bursar@droghedagrammarschool.ie for further information and bank details`.

  1. What should we do if we can longer afford the fees?

Where a parent/guardian are not in a position to pay the school fees as they fall due, it is their responsibility to contact and inform the school. The issue will then be referred to the Finance Committee of the Board of Management for consideration and if appropriate a revised payment structure will be put in place.

  1. Will we need to pay a refundable deposit to secure a place?

Yes. But only after a place has been offered to them as per our admissions process. Then there is a 500 deposit required to secure the place. If the place is accepted, 200 of this deposit is offset against fees in first year. The balance is then refunded on completion of the Leaving Certificate.

The deposit is not refunded should someone accept a place and not take it up (to deter people holding places and then not taking them) – as we are heavily oversubscribed we wish to avoid this.

The deposit is also not refunded if  their son/daughter leaves the school before completing the Leaving Certificate.

  1. Are there discounts available for siblings?

Yes, where there are 2 or more students from the same family in the school at the same time, a discount of 15% is available on the second and subsequent child’s fees.

  1. If I have more questions or require further clarification who do I contact?

More detailed information is contained in our Fees policy available elsewhere on the website. Alternatively please email bursar@droghedagrammarschool.ie for further information.