Drogheda Grammar School

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Green Schools

Recycle and Reuse






Leading environmental management and education programme for schools.

Promoting long-term, whole school action for the environment Green schools, known internationally as Eco-schools, is coordinated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). In DGS this programme is led under the expert guidance of Ms Mary Kelly and meetings take place each Thursday lunchtime, 1:10pm to 1:35pm. Green schools covers a number of different themes, beginning with Litter and Waste minimisation and followed by the themes of Energy, Water, Travel, Biodiversity and Global Citizenship.

Eco-Schools is a fundamental initiative which encourages young people to engage in their environment by allowing them the opportunity to actively protect it.  It starts in the classroom, it expands to the school and eventually fosters change in the community at large.

Green-Schools' mission is to protect planet Earth - our shared home to which we all belong.