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The uniform for Drogheda Grammar School is available from: Pat O’Farrell Schoolwear:

Contact Details:   

For back-to-school 2023/24, uniforms will be available to purchase online and also in-store.

ONLINE SHOPwww.ofarrellschoolwear.com

Our online store is fully operational and open year round. Orders are usually processed and dispatched within 2-5 working days, with free delivery on orders over €50.00. We fully understand that an incorrect size may be ordered. Don’t worry. If this happens please email us at info@ofarrellschoolwear.com with your preferred sizes and we will reserve these for you.


Please contact the shop to make an appointment.

Appointments can be made by telephone or email: info@ofarrellschoolwear.com, with your preferred date and time.

We will do our best to accommodate this preference.

We would appreciate it if, wherever possible, the allocated appointment was attended only by the student and one parent/guardian.

Each appointment will be for 20 minutes

If you prefer to shop alone, please bring a list of the student’s measurements and a trained staff member will advise on size selection. 


Uniform List

  • Black school trousers
  • School skirt or school trousers
  • White shirts
  • Crested School jumper with crest
  • Crested School Tie
  • Crested School coat /blazer
  • Black socks
  • Black tights or socks
  • Shoes/Runners – plain black only   

Plain black runners are acceptable but must not display any logo

White soled shoes not permitted

Boots (e.g Doc Martens, Uggs etc.) are not permitted


  • Crested School Jacket

There are 2 available:


1. Junior cycle jacket: forms 1,2,3 - all other year groups can continue to wear it as well.


2. Senior cycle jacket: has been introduced for forms 4, 5 and 6. 

While not compulsory it has been introduced at the request of the PTA and approval of the Student Council. 



PE Uniform: Compulsory for all students

  • DGS Sports T-Shirt
  • DGS Sports Track Pants
  • DGS Shorts
  • DGS Half Zip
  • DGS Black Leggings
  • Runners
  • Red sports socks

Boy’s Rugby:

  • DGS Rugby/Hockey Jersey.
  • DGS Rugby /Hockey Shorts – long and short option.
  • Sports Socks Red


Girl’s Tag Rugby:

  • PE uniform


Girl’s Hockey:

  • DGS Hockey Skirt
  • DGS Rugby/ Hockey Jersey
  • Sports Socks Red


Boy’s Hockey:

  • Rugby/Hockey Jersey
  • Rugby/Hockey Shorts
  • Sports Socks Red


Basket Ball: 

Uniform supplied by PE department for matches.



Jerseys supplied by school if playing matches.



  • School PE uniform

Hockey stick, badminton racquet, tennis racquet may be purchased as required in any sports shop.

Gum Shields are compulsory for all contact sports.

Shin Pads are compulsory for hockey and soccer.

*NOTE:  The school  introduced a new PE uniform for the academic year 2021/22 and onwards. The new PE uniform is now compulsory for all first, second, third, TY students and all new incoming students. All other students are encouraged to purchase the new PE uniform. Black leggings/shorts are required for senior cycle PE.   

The new PE uniform is available only from the school’s official uniform stockist – O’Farrell School & Sports.

In previous years the school had a black hoodie - please note this has been discontinued and is not part of the school uniform. It should not be purchased from other suppliers or handed on from older siblings. 

Students who wish to represent the school in sports should purchase the sports items above.  If a student is undecided about playing a sport, he/she can partake in the sport for a couple of weeks wearing the PE uniform before deciding to purchase.

Students must wear the correct uniform at all times during the school day or while representing the school. This includes wearing the school jacket to/from school on excursions. 

PE uniform must be worn to all away sporting matches.

All items should be clearly labelled. 

Students must maintain a high standard of hygiene and appear smart at all times.  Hair must be of natural colour/dyed a natural colour and be clean, neat and tidy.  

Hair must not conceal the student’s face or eyes.  Boys should be clean-shaven. 

The wearing of jewellery must be kept to a minimum – jewellery items must be small, unobtrusive and not pose a hazard. 

Visible body piercings including tongue piercings are forbidden.  Students will not be exempted from this rule on the grounds that piercings are new and need time to heal.  Wearing a plaster over jewellery is not acceptable. Small ear studs are permitted.

Students are not allowed to wear make-up in school or on a school activity while wearing the school uniform. 

School footwear should be plain black leather/ synthetic material only.  No logos, other colours etc.  The following types of shoes are not permitted – white-soled shoes, Doc marten boots,  Ugg boots.  During PE and Sports, students must wear appropriate sporting footwear.

The decision of the Principal and Deputy Principal in the interpretation of these uniform rules and guidelines will be final. 

The school insists that students wear reflector bands/high vis vests when travelling to/from school on bicycles/walking.