The most recent statistics outlining the top feeder schools in the country for third level education has placed Drogheda Grammar School as the top school in the area with 100% of it students progressing to 3rd level education in 2015. These results were posted in both the Irish Times and Irish Independent on 3rd December 2015.
Not only are we the top school in Louth and Meath but we are also in the top 10 fee-paying schools in the country, the top 10 mixed gender feeder schools and also in the top 10 schools in Leinster. This is the second time in recent years we have topped this list and it is a source of pride and encouragement for all involved with the school.
We are delighted as this highlights the academic focus and efforts of our students and staff and our drive for them to be the best they can be. We also recognise this is but one element of what makes a school successful and are always keen to improve in every area of school life.
Well done to all students, staff and families involved.
H Baker- Principal