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Welcome To Drogheda Grammar School


IMG 2906 "Every individual is of value and has something to contribute"

Drogheda Grammar School is one of the oldest secondary schools in Ireland and has been providing first class education to local, national and international students for over 340 years.

Our priority in the school is to create a positive atmosphere that values each individual student and offers them opportunities to contribute and achieve.

By ensuring each student feels valued and important we can encourage students to strive for excellence in the classroom and challenge them to achieve their individual potential.

What underpins this ethos is the sense of mutual respect that influences all of our teaching and learning and general interaction with each other. Treating each person with respect, decency and kindness allows everyone involved with the school to flourish.

I hope this website helps in providing information and giving you a sense of the school.

Should you have any further questions or even better wish to have a tour of our school and meet our staff and students please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our door is always open.


Hugh Baker


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