Drogheda Grammar School Uniform Policy and List

It is the parents and students responsibility to ensure that a clean and proper uniform is worn to school and to school related activities unless told otherwise. Any student failing to conform to the uniform code may have the following sanctions applied – excluded from formal classes or sent home until such time as it is corrected.

Restrictions: No denims, cords or combats and no slogans. No sweater other than the uniform.


Drogheda Grammar School Uniform List

All items are available from the official school uniform stockist   O’Farrell School & Sports –Unit 2 N1Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin  Tel: 01-8139714     Items may be purchased online – www.ofarrellschoolwear.com



Please note: Girls can wear either school skirt or trousers

School jumper with crest.

White revere blouse or white shirt with collar

School skirt – Tartan/Plaid

Black school trousers

Black Socks or Tights

School Tie

School Coat or School Blazer



School jumper with crest

White shirts

Black school trousers

Black socks

School tie

School Coat or School Blazer




All students must wear Black Leather Shoes with black soles only.

Sports Uniform – All Students

First Year Students wait until September to decide if you are applying for teams before purchasing rugby jersey or hockey uniform


Girls – P.E. Boys – P.E.

White Airtex Shirt with CrestBlack Hoodie with CrestTrack Suit Bottoms – Students Own

Red Sports Socks

White Airtex Shirt with CrestBlack Hoodie with CrestTrack Suit Bottoms – Students Own

Red Sports Socks


Sports Uniform – For Students on Teams

Girls – Teams Boys – Teams
Hockey – Top and ‘Skort’ Hockey/Rugby -DGS Rugby Jersey & Black Shorts

Hockey Stick, Badminton Racquet, Tennis Racquet bought as required, Track Suit, Gum Shields and Shin Pads are strongly recommended.

  • Hair must be of a natural colour and be well groomed. Hair must be kept clean, neat and tidy. Long hair must be tied back and off the face at all times. Hair must not conceal the student’s eyes or interfere with his/her sight or with the teachers’ ability to see the students’ entire face and eyes during class.
  • Hair accessories should be green, red or black only.
  • Jewellery must be removed when playing games. This is essential for Health and Safety reasons.
  • Jewellery must be kept to a minimum and in keeping with the school ethos and dress code.
  • It is recommended that jewellery should be small, unobtrusive and not post a hazard.
  • Lipstick and eye shadow are not allowed.
  • Other body adornments must be confined to out of school time – e.g. facial piercing.
  • The school recommends that students wear reflector bands during the winter.
  • Hat, gloves and scarves if required outside the classroom must be of one of the school colours, red, black or green.