Drogheda Grammar School

Litter Policy



This policy was first implemented in October 2014.  It applies to all persons who use the school premises and relates to all school activities.

Aims / Objectives:

• To foster an awareness of our environment.
• To create an atmosphere where the students and staff of Drogheda Grammar School have the right   to learn/work in a safe, clean and healthy environment.
• To create good habits with regards to litter disposal.
• To foster a spirit of civic duty and responsibility in the students.
• To raise standards of cleanliness in the school and beyond the school buildings, to the car park and areas around the school.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Litter Control is a shared responsibility of all stakeholders particularly the teaching staff and especially the students, and everyone has their part to play. This will be carried out under the direction of the Principal and Deputy Principal. The Deputy Principal is responsible for overall compliance and monitors the litter situation on a daily basis under the direct supervision of the duty teacher and the prefects at break times.

• A cleaning rota, created by the Deputy Principal is on display on each corridor.  These sheets are monitored weekly by the Deputy Principal.
• Each prefect is assigned to a specific “form group” and is responsible for ensuring the students in their form carry out   their break time cleaning duties and initial the rota, indicating if pupils have carried out their duties.
• Each prefect is on supervision duty during break time. Two students are on clean up duty per day in each corridor.
• The corridors are to be clean, tidy and free of litter and schoolbags – providing a clean, comfortable, secure environment for all.
• Dustpan and brushes are provided on each corridor and one mop and bucket is available for all.
• Prefects and duty teachers monitor cleaning in the canteen.

All members of the school community have a responsibility:

• Not to drop litter – sanctions apply to those who do, in the form of community service.
• To pick up litter that is lying around
• To use recycling bins whenever possible.
• To assist the caretakers and cleaning staff in maintaining a clean school.

Class / School Procedures:

• Personal litter will be put in the class bin or placed in the school bag to be brought home. Classrooms are monitored by individual teachers.
• Eating and drinking are not permitted within the classroom, unless permission is given by the class teacher.
• Chewing gum is not permitted in classrooms at Drogheda Grammar School.
• Chairs are to be placed on the class tables each evening, by the students , before the cleaner comes in.
• Students are forbidden to throw litter in school buildings and surrounding areas.
• Students are asked to pick up stray litter even if it is not their own.
• The area around the school comes within the remit of the school litter policy.

Policy Content:

At the beginning of each new school year, tutors will give guidance to all students outlining school policy regarding littering. The class teacher reinforces these guidelines on a regular basis as does the Principal and Deputy Principal at school assembly.

Success Criteria:

• The effectiveness of the litter policy will be assessed through;
• Continual Observation
• Parental feedback
• Visual impact on school environment
• End of year review and recommendations

Review Procedures:

The Principal /Deputy Principal shall review the policy as required based on the above success criteria.


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