Hi all,

As we progress and work day to day different issues and questions come up..we will do our best to update and inform as needed. One valid question today was our guidance on face coverings, masks and shields. Is it a mask or a shield, is it all the time, just indoors etc. While it is in our plan sometimes it can be missed.


As per our COVID plan we have requested all students and staff to wear face coverings indoors as we cannot guarantee a consistent 2 metre distance.  

The only indoor exceptions are:

The Dining Hall or Lunch area while eating

The sports hall if 2 metre distancing is maintained.

Staff based in an office or work area where 2M distancing occurs may remove their mask. 



Our staff have been told they are to:


  1. Wear a face shield at the top of the classroom in their 2 metre teaching area- this is to help with teaching and communication etc. A mask can also be worn here if they are more comfortable with that. 


  1. A mask must be worn if circulating the room or working closer to a student.


Individual teachers can also choose to wear both a face mask and shield which is the most secure we believe.


For students we ask:

  1. All students to wear face masks that cover the nose and mouth while indoors. Face shields are only an option if medically necessary and the school must be consulted first( please email


  1. Face masks can and should be removed (and put away safely) when outdoors- social distancing of 2metres is still required. Between classes if students are moving rooms they will be circulating outside and can briefly remove the mask before re-entering the building. 


  1. We have noticed two issues with our students –

 Masks being forgotten – students are asked to wait outside while we contact parents to bring a mask to the school.


Damaged masks – students should have a back-up mask with them in case of damage/loss.


We know masks are uncomfortable, might not suit etc. There might even be some who have differing ideological viewpoints on this. We understand but are clear in our request and ask for your understanding as we do what we believe is best for our school community at this point. 


Face masks (along with good hand hygiene, cough etiquette and social distancing) are our best means of providing as safe an environment as we can. Face shields help but are not as effective.  Please understand our request and work with us on this.


Almost all our students will be wearing face masks. Those who are wearing face shields have a valid medical reason for doing so and it has been approved by the school.


Thank you.