DROGHEDA GRAMMAR SCHOOL  – Form 5 Book List 2022-2023


Ordinary Level: Fuinneamh Nua – Yvonne O’Toole & Elizabeth Wade ( Edco)

Higher Level:     Fiúntas Nua – Yvonne O’Toole & Elizabeth Wade (Edco).
All Students:  Hardback Copy/A4 refill pad X 2. Collins Easy Learning Irish Dictionary in Colour-required daily in class. A4 80- page display folder (for Oral Irish work).


Higher Level

‘HAMLET’, Excellence in Texts 2024, Educate.ie * Do not buy any other edition

‘Philadelphia Here I Come’ FRIEL Brian. VERSE Higher Level 2024, Educate.ie   * Do not buy any other edition

‘Hands-On’ Paper 1 L. Cert English Higher Level, Educate.ie. A4 Ring binder folder + Polypockets

2 Manuscript copies, not hard backs + USB stick

Ordinary Level

‘Philadelphia Here I Come’   FRIEL Brian. VERSE Ordinary Level 2024, Educate.ie * Do not buy any other edition

English Extra Ordinary Level (CJ Fallon) (blue cover). A4 Ring binder folder + Polypockets

2 Manuscript copies, not hard backs + USB stick



Higher Level: Text & Tests 4 & 5 (New Edition)    

Mathematical Tables (Gov Publications), Mathematical Instruments. A4 Hardback, 2 copies, Calculator (Must be Casio fx-83GT X)

Ordinary Level: Text & Tests 3 (New Edition)

Mathematical Tables (Gov Publications), Mathematical Instruments, A4 Hardback, 2 copies, Calculator (Must be Casio fx-83GT X)


History:  The Making of Ireland (Educate.ie) Paul Twomey (2nd Edition although a 1st edition would be fine). 2 A4 Hardbacks

Geography: Leaving Certificate Geography Landscapes Core Units and Human Elective by Declan Fitzgerald & P.J.

White, Gill.  2 A4 Hard Back Copies, 1 Refill pad, Small packet of colour pencils & 2 Glue Stick, a small pair of scissors and a pack of white board markers

Spanish – Venga by Maria Fenton, EDCO. 1 A4 Hardback copy

French:  À La Une (comes with accompanying Hors-série book). French/English Dictionary

German: Deutsch Komplett (Second Edition)  Folens. A4 ring binder with plastic pockets and dividers.

Music: Sound Check! Course A, Laura Lynch. Higgins & Higgins Notes Harmony workbook and Notes Melody workbook. A4 Hardback. Music manuscript copy. 

Biology: Life by Kevin Maume & Siobhan Scott-Sweeney.  Published by Folens. 1 hardback Science notebook.  1 hardback copy.

Chemistry: Chemistry Live!  (2nd edition) by Declan Kennedy.   Published by Folens.   1 Chemistry Live Student Laboratory Notebook by Declan Kennedy & Don O’Shea.  1 hardback copy.

Physics: Real World Physics by Dan O’Regan. Published by Folens. 1 hardback manuscript copy, 1 hardback Science notebook, 1 Calculator.

Well-being: It’s Your Well-being, Senior Cycle SPHE by Fiona Chambers, Anne Jones, Anita Stackpoole (Mentor).Refill pad

Politics and Society: Textbook “Theories in Action” Key Thinker Student Guide – Gerard Elwood – Folens. “Power and People”- Joseph Mac Bride & Mary Teresa McBride –  educate.ie.  1 A4 Hardback

1 A4 Essay copy. 1 display folder with (40) plastic pockets. 1 USB key (for politics only)

PE (LC exam subject students only):  Peak Performance published by Folens

Business: Textbook is 21st Century Business the Fourth Edition by William Murphy from CJ Fallon (Workbook is included with textbook). *Please note – The Third Edition of this textbook will also suffice if wanting to purchase second hand).  1 x A4 Hardback.  1x A11 Copybook to use as a Test Copy.  1 x A4 Folder with clear pockets.  Colour Subject Dividers to use in A4 Folder. Exam papers will need to be bought at a later date and will be organised by the class teacher

Computer Science: Computer Science for Leaving Certificate. Brett A. Becker/Keith Quille. Pub. Golden Key

Home Economics: Complete Home Economics, second edition by Leanne Gillick and Laura Healy.

Economics: Positive Economics, Hayes, Culleton, Murray and O’Connor -Edco and a hardback notebook with copies

Art: New Appreciating Art Visual Studies for Leaving Certificate by Áine Ní Chárthaigh and Aidan O’Sullivan. Published by Gill.  Leaving Cert. Less Stress More Success Art History Revision by Áine Ní Charthaigh. Published by Gill.  1 A4 manuscript copy.

2B, 4B, 6B Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Long ruler – Steel, Packet of Watercolour Pencils (24 pencil pack), Calligraphy pen set, A round tipped black permanent marker, A round tipped blue or red permanent marker, A broad and a fine round paintbrush, A packet of Oil Pastels, Watercolour Tablet Set, Watercolour paper pad. Size: 270 x 195mm approximately, Scissors, Pritt Stick, 2 A4 Spiral Sketchbooks (one for Art homework and one for Art History drawings, An A2 Cardboard folder, A plain apron to protect your uniform from acrylic paint for example.

Construction Studies: Get Constructive by Eva Corcoran, Sean King and William Nolan. Publisher: Educate.ie. Technical Graphics equipment – Wooden T-square, 60/30° & 45° set squares, (not from a mathematical set), protractor, 2H pencil, A4 hardback copy, A3 folder and colouring pencils.

 Design & Communication Graphics: Publisher: DCG Solutions by Kora King. Plane & Descriptive Geometry and Applied Graphics (Book1 & 2). Students must get both the A3 workbooks through the link below.  Booklist instructions: Use the discount code DCGDGS  on www.dcgsolutions.ie/shop Books to be collected from the teacher at the start of the term, use the student’s name when ordering. Additional materials: Colouring pencils, A3 Folder, A4 sketch pad and Technical Graphics equipment from Junior Cert.