DROGHEDA GRAMMAR SCHOOL  – Form 4 Book List 2022-2023

Irish:     Taiscéal: Gaeilge don Idirbliain (Emma Ní Nualláin & Oisín Mac Cinnéide)  – CJ Fallon 

All Students: A4 notepad. Display folder 80pg (for class and project work). Collins Easy Learning Irish Dictionary in Colour.  -required daily in class.

English: No prescribed books.  A4 Ring Binder Folder + Polypockets.  Manuscript Copies not hardbacks + USB stick

MathsHigher and Ordinary Level: Text & Tests for Transition Year                      

 Mathematical Tables (Gov Publications), Mathematical Instruments,

 A4 Hardback, 1 copy, Folder with plastic Pocket, Calculator (Must be Casio fx-83GT X)

Science: No book required. A4 refill pad & suitable folder

History:  No book required

Geography: 1A4 Refill pad, 1 Ring Binder, Dividers, Small packet of colour pencils, 2 Glue Stick, a small pair of

scissors and a pack of white board markers

Business: 1 x A4 Hardback and folder or Plastic pocket for handouts given

Home Economics: No book required.

Economics: No book required.  1 Hardback notebook and 2 copies.

Art: No book required.

2B, 4B, 6B Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Long ruler (Plastic or Wood), Packet of Water Colour Pencils (24 pencil pack), A broad and a fine round paintbrush, Scissors, Pritt Stick, An A4 Spiral Sketchbook

Spanish – no book required

French: Allons-Y 2 (Included in this should be a textbook, workbook and lexique).1 copybook. French/English Dictionary

German: Los Gehts! CJ Fallon. A4 Ring binder with plastic pockets and dividers.

Music:   Music manuscript copy. A4 hardback. 

Politics and Society:   A4 Refill pad.  1 display folder