DROGHEDA GRAMMAR SCHOOL – FORM 3 BOOKLIST 2020/21                                                  

IRISH:  All Levels Retain –  Turas 1 – Risteard Mac Liam. (Educate).

ORDINARY LEVEL:  Turas 2 and Leabhar Gníomhaíochta/Punann – (Educate.ie)

HIGHER LEVEL: Turas 3 and Leabhar Gníomhaíochta/Punann – (Educate.ie)

ALL STUDENTS:   1 Hardback copy, 2  Ordinary Copies. Past exam papers: Ardleibhéal and Gnáthleibhéal –  An Comhlacht Oideachais.Collins Easy Learning Irish Dictionary in Colour -required daily in class.

ENGLISH:   Retain from last year. The Outsiders  S.E.Hinton & Blood Brothers Willy Russell .   Romeo & Juliet William Shakespeare + Student Portfolio (Educate.ie) * Do not buy any other edition.   Animal Farm George Orwell.   Skills for Exam Success, Junior Cycle English GILL (Pauline Kelly).  Retain Kingdom 2 from second year.  A4 Ring binder folder + Polypockets   2 Manuscript Copies, 1 hardback copy A4 + USB stick


Higher Level: Text & Tests 2 Higher Level (Junior Cycle) New Edition. Mathematical Tables (Gov Publications), Mathematical Instruments Set, 2 A4 Hardback Copies, 2 Copies, 1 A4 Graph Copy (5mm), Folder with plastic pockets.  Calculator (Must be Casio fx 83/85 GTX) Exam Papers to be purchased in school when available, Show-me Board pen

Ordinary Level: Active Maths 1 Junior Cycle (2nd Edition) Mathematical Tables (Gov Publications), Mathematical Instruments Set   1 A4 Hardback, 2 Copies, 1 A4 Graph Copy (5mm), Folder with plastic pockets. Calculator (Must be Casio fx 83/85 GTX)  Exam Papers to be purchased in school when available, Show-me Board pen 

HISTORY: History in Focus 1&2, CJ Fallon.  Two A4 hardbacks

GEOGRAPHY:  New Geography in Action Junior Cycle Geography by Norma Lenihan & Jason O’Brien, educate.ie. (workbook in pack).  1 A4 Hard Back Copy with margins, 1 Refill pad, Small Pack of Colour Pencils, 2 Glue Stick, a small pair of scissors and a pack of white board markers.  Exam papers will be order through the teacher in September.

SCIENCE: Essential Science textbook by Declan Kenneday, Rose Lawlor & Sean Finn, FOLENS (This is sold as a set of 3 books & includes the student lab notebook plus the essential science workbook all in the same pack) .1 Hardback Science Notebook, 1 copy, 1 calculator

FRENCH: Allons-Y 2 (Included in this should be a textbook, workbook and lexique. One hard-back & 1 standard copy. Exam Papers (Edco). French/English Dictionary

GERMAN:  Viel Spaβ 2 (New Edition) CJ Fallon.  Retain second year folder.

SPANISH: Aprendemos book 2 by Elaine Higgins. Publisher – Folens (students used this book in second year). 1 Hardback copy (they should continue to use the one they used in 2nd year). 1 softback copy (they should continue to use the one they used last year)

GRAPHICS: Understanding Technical Graphics – O’Sullivan and O’Sullivan. Understanding Technical Graphics Workbook – O’Sullivan, O’Sullivan and Wade.  A3 Folder, Colouring pencils, Black Felt tip pen.

APPLIED TECHNOLOGY: Technology for Junior Certificate – Paul Enright, Golden Circle. 1 Hard Back copy, Colouring pencils.

VISUAL ART:  Art and Design Workbook for Junior Certificate. – Gill & MacMillan

2B, 4B, 6B Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Long ruler (Plastic or Wood), Packet of Watercolour Pencils (24 pencil pack) A round tipped black permanent marker, A round tipped blue or red permanent marker, A broad and a fine round paintbrush, Scissors, Pritt Stick, An A4 Spiral Sketchbook, An A2 Cardboard folder, An A4 sturdy waterproof folder

A white long sleeve men’s shirt to protect uniform. This shirt needs to be big enough to fit comfortably over your child’s uniform to protect from acrylic paint for example. 

MUSIC: Tones 2 – Higgins & Higgins.  Sounds Good 2 – from Second Year. 1Hardback copy – from Second Year. Music Manuscript – from Second Year

HOME ECONOMICS:  @Home Textbook and Activity Book by Eilis Flood

BUSINESS STUDIES:  Network Textbook by Roisin Mallon from educate.ie (Workbook and Keyword book is also included with textbook). 1 x A4 Hardback and 1x A11 Copybook to use as a test copy, 1x Glue stick & Scissors. Exam papers will need to be bought at a later date and will be organised by the class teacher

CSPE: Make A Difference 4th edition (textbook & workbook).  Hardback copy – from Second Year.  Colouring pencils / markers

P.E. Active for Life – A Complete Record of Learning for Junior Cycle PE by Fergal Lyons, Sarah Jane Belton, Nicola Crean & Ivan O’ Mahony – Folens.  

I.T:   A4 Hardback Ruled Copy  

WELLBEING: My Life Book 3  by Stephanie Mangan – Folens and 1 A4 Hardback Notebook