DROGHEDA GRAMMAR SCHOOL – FORM 1 BOOKLIST 2020/2021                                                 

Irish:  Turas 1 – Risteard Mac Liam.(Educate).  1Hardback Copy,  2 Ordinary Copies. Collins Easy Learning  Irish Dictionary in colour- required daily in class. A4 Display folder.

English:  KINGDOM 1 (Educate.ie) and KINGDOM 1 Student Portfolio.  Private Peaceful (Michael Morpurgo) A4 Ring binder folder + Polypockets.  2 Manuscript Copies, 1hardbacked copy A4+ USB stick

Mathematics:  Text & Tests 1 First Year Maths (Junior Cycle) New Edition.  2 A4 Hardbacks, 1 Copy, Folder with plastic pockets.  Maths pack available via this link: https://www.sgeducation.ie/product/drogheda-grammar-school-maths-kit Please use promotional code “DroghedaGS20” to have the pack shipped to the school free of charge.  Promotional Code is valid until August 20th 2020 only.  Build-Up (Instructions given in Class – €20 annual subscription)

History:  Artefact history textbook and Artefact sources and skills portfolio Educate.ie, Gregg O’Neill & Eimear Jenkinson.  Two A4 Hardback Notebooks.

Geography:  New Geography in Action Junior Cycle Geography by Norma Lenihan & Jason O’Brien, educate.ie (workbook in pack).  1 A4 Hard Back Copy with margins, 1 Refill pad, Small Pack of Colour Pencils, 2 Glue Stick, a small pair of scissors and a pack of white board markers

Science: Essential Science textbook by Declan Kenneday, Rose Lawlor & Sean Finn, FOLENS (This is sold as a set of 3 books & includes the student lab notebook plus the essential science workbook all in the same pack).  1 Hardback Science Notebook, 1 copy, 1 calculator

C.S.P.E:   Take A Stand set, Holmes & Clougher– textbook and workbook. A4 Hardback copy Colouring pencils/markers.

I.T.          A4 Hardback Ruled Copy

P.EActive for Life – A Complete Record of Learning for Junior Cycle PE by Fergal Lyons, Sarah Jane Belton, Nicola Crean & Ivan O’ Mahony – Folens.  

Wellbeing: My Life Book 1 by Stephanie Mangan – Folens and 1 A4 Hardback Notebook.

Options Subjects:

Please note the following should be purchased by all students prior to beginning school in September.

A textbook list will be issued to parents following taster period and Junior Certificate subject choices have been finalised in October.

Music:  1 Music Manuscript.  1 A4 Hardback copy.  1Ring binder folder with poly pockets

French: Two copies to include (1 hardback & 1 standard copybook).  1 French/English Dictionary

German:  No book required until October mid-term.  1 refill pad, folder, 1 Ringbinder, plastic pockets.

Spanish:  1 Copy

Home Economics: No book required until mid-term. 1 A4 hardback notes copy.  1Folder with poly-pockets

Business Studies: 1 copy.

Visual Art: No book required until mid-term. 2B, 4B, 6B Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Long ruler (Plastic or Wood), Packet of Colouring Pencils, A round tipped black permanent marker, A round tipped blue or red permanent marker, A broad and a fine round paintbrush, Scissors, Pritt Stick, An A4 Spiral Sketchbook, An A2 Cardboard folder.  A white long sleeve men’s shirt to protect uniform. This shirt needs to be big enough to fit comfortably over your child’s uniform to protect from acrylic paint for example. 

Applied Technology: No book required until mid-term.  Hardback copy, colouring pencils.

Graphics: No book required until mid-term. Colouring pencils, Black felt tip pen, A3 Folder

Books should be clearly named.      Students will be issued with a combination lock for their lockers on Orientation Day.    Homework Journals will be distributed to students at Orientation Day