Expression of Interest Form 

This form is for the following applicants

Parents wishing to express an interest on behalf their primary school-aged children starting secondary school in 2024 and subsequent years.

Parents wishing to express an interest in transferring their son/daughter to Drogheda Grammar School from another second level school.



Important Information – Please read before completing this form.

  1. Formal applications are not accepted before 1st October in the year prior to the proposed year of admission
  2. Please submit a separate expression of interest form for each child.
  3. You will be notified at the appropriate time when the formal admissions process begins. The school is not responsible for incorrect information provided on the form.
  4. Please ensure you provide an email address on this form that is checked regularly as the school will use this email address to contact when the application window is open. 
  5. Please note that the date of application is NOT taken into account at any stage in the admission procedures after 2025.
  6. By filling out this expression of interest form you are only ensuring we contact you at the appropriate time when admissions open.
  7. The formal admissions process is governed by the Admissions to schools Act (2018) and the school’s admissions policy.
  8. Please ensure you indicate the correct year you wish to apply for.  
  9. If you discover an error you will be required to resubmit your form. The school is not responsible for errors and cannot amend forms. 


Section A: Student Information

Student Name (required)

Address Line 1 (required)

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County (required)

Eircode (required)

Gender (required)

Current Primary/secondary School (required)

Student Date of Birth (required)

Academic year of proposed entry (Required)

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Section B: Parent/ Guardian Information

Parent 1 / Guardian 1 Name (required)

Contact Email ( information will be sent to this email) (required)

Contact Phone Number

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