CALENDAR 2020/2021

Some of these dates & events may be subject to change depending on DES & HSE guidelines

August 27th Thursday  Forms 5, 6 begin @ 13:40 – 15:40
August 27th Thursday  Form 1 Aldhouse begin @ 08:45 – 10:45
  Form 1 Brockhouse begin @ 09:30 – 11:30
  Form 1 Clarke begin @ 10:15 – 12:15
  Form 1 Foster begin @ 11:00 -13:00
August 28th Friday Form 2 begin @ 8:45am – 10:45
  Form 3 begin @ 11:05 – 13:05
  Form 4 begin @ 13:40 – 15:40
August 28th Friday Transition Year Module 1 Begins
August 31st Monday   Full school day for all
September 8th Tuesday PTA AGM & Guest Speaker – 7:30pm
September 28th Monday Breakfast Bonding – Form 1 Foster/Mentors/Tutor/Year Head
October 5th Breakfast Bonding – Form 1 Clarke/Mentors/Tutor/Year Head
October 5th – 9th & 12th – 16th Class Tests for Forms 3, 5, 6
October 12th– 16th Maths Week
October 12th  Monday  Breakfast Bonding – Form 1 Brockhouse/Mentors/Tutor/Year Head
October  19th – 23rd  Anti-Bullying Week
October 19th Monday Breakfast Bonding – Form 1 Aldhouse/Mentors/Tutor/Year Head
October 21st – 23rd Transition Year End of Module 1- Exams
October 23rd Friday Mid-Term Holiday begins at 3:40pm
November 2nd Monday School Reopens at 8:45am for Assembly
November 2nd – 6th DATS Testing Transition Year
November 9th Monday Breakfast Bonding – Transition Year
November 9th Monday Transition Year Module 2 Begins
November 9th – 13th Science Week
November 10th Tuesday Form 5 Parent/Teacher/Student Meeting – Currently Under Review
November 18th Wednesday Form 6 Parent/Teacher/Student meeting – Currently Under Review
November 26th Thursday Sixth Form CAO information evening for Parents & Students 7pm
November 30th – 4th December House exams for Forms 1, 2, 5
December 10th Thursday  Christmas Carol Service
December 17th Thursday Christmas Concert 7:00pm
December 18th Friday  Student & Staff Christmas lunch – School Closes @ 1:05pm
January 6th Wednesday School Reopens at 8:45am for Assembly
January 12th Tuesday Form 3 Parent/Teacher/Student Meeting 
January 18th Monday School Closed – Junior Cycle Staff Training
January 20th Wednesday Form 2 Parent/Teacher/Student Meeting  
January 27th – 29th Transition Year End of Module 2 – Exams
February 1st Monday Transition Year Module 3 begins
February 3rd Wednesday Form 1 Parent/Teacher/Student Meeting 
February 8th – 12th Transition Year Work Experience Week 1
February 4th & 5th & 8th – 12th Form 6 & Form 3 Mock Exams
February 12th Friday Half-Term Holidays Begin at 3:40pm
February 22nd Monday School Reopens at 08:45am for Assembly
February 22nd – 26th February Transition Year Work Experience Week 2
March 1st Monday  Breakfast Bonding – Transition Year
March 1st – 5th DGS Book Week
March 2nd Tuesday Form 5 2020 Subject Options Information Night for TY
March 8th – 12th Seachtain na Gaeilge
March 9th – 12th (T-F) Transition Year to Outdoor Pursuits Centre Gartan Co. Donegal
March 17th Wednesday School Closed – Bank Holiday for St. Patrick’s Day
March 26th Friday School Closes for Easter Break @ 3:40pm
April 12th Monday School Re-Opens at 08:45am for Assembly
April 12th – 16th Transition Year Work Experience Week 3
April 27th Tuesday Transition Year Portfolio Interviews
May 3rd Monday School Closed for Public Holiday
May 14th, 17th & 18th Transition Year End of Module 3 – Exams
May 14th Friday Prize Day 1:40-3:40pm
May 19th Wednesday Transition Year Award Ceremony 7:30 – 9:30pm
May 20th Thursday Transition Year Fun Day
May 20th, 21st & 24th – 28th Exams Forms 1, 2, 5
May 21st Friday Form 6 Graduation Ceremony @ 4:00pm
May 24th Monday  Transition Year Mentoring Day 
June 3rd Thursday  End of school year
June 9th Wednesday State Examinations begin

Please note this may be subject to change. Parents will be informed of any changes by text message.