The Ethos of Drogheda Grammar School is that “Every individual is of value and has something to contribute”

The CSPE department understand this concept and try to develop it on a daily basis whether it is in the class or around the school.  We try to provide for our pupils to the best of our ability as CSPE teachers.  We encourage our pupils to be active citizens and to look out for the needs of everyone within the school.  It is important that we work together and have mutual respect for each other. 


  • Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) aims to inform, inspire, empower and enable young people to participate as active citizens in contemporary society at local, national and global levels, based on an understanding of human rights and social responsibilities. 
  • CSPE helps to build the skills students will need to contribute positively to a democratic society and to promote sustainable living. It gives them an understanding of social, economic and political structures at local, national and global levels and the opportunity to imagine and create ways in which they can make a difference to the lives of individuals and communities. It helps students to question, critique and evaluate what is happening in the world; provides students with an understanding of their human rights and social responsibilities; prompts students to consider how to create a more sustainable future for all; fosters an awareness of what it means to live responsibly in a democracy; and most importantly, it places active reflective citizenship at the centre of the learning process by providing students with the opportunity to take action and influence change around local, national and global issues.  
  • There is no Junior Certificate exam for CSPE. Students will complete at least three citizenship actions as part of their learning across the three strands of the CSPE short course. Students are required to create an Action Record for one of these as their Classroom-Based-Assessment (CBA). The CBA for the CSPE short course can be completed in second or third year. The Classroom-Based Assessment can be produced in written, digital, visual or audio formats and it may be supported through the use of an interview or presentation.

Subject Teachers:

Ms. Jenkinson

Ms. Kieran

Ms. Norris

Mr. Lynch

Ms. Rafferty


Some Action Projects which DGS students have got involved in:

Action projects on Conservation are very popular with our pupils. Through Stewardship pupils learn that we are all stewards of the earth and it is our responsibility to look after the resources and wildlife we have and save them for future generations. Dublin Zoo is also an active steward. They breed endangered animals and also research behaviour and biology. They educate the public about the planet and its wildlife while also donating to conservation charities around the world.  Dublin Zoo works in partnership with other zoos to make a significant contribution to the natural  diversity of life on earth.  Drogheda Grammar School pupils are keen to play their part and have taken part in Action Projects on Conservation, Environmental Awareness and “Zooardship” through Dublin Zoo.

cspe 1

Development – “Walk for Water”  with Aid link an organization who enables communities in Africa to tackle poverty.

cspe 2

cspe 3








Stewardship – Raising Awareness about the Green Schools Committee


cspe 5


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