The Ethos of Drogheda Grammar School is that “Every individual is of value and has something to contribute”

The CSPE department understand this concept and try to develop it on a daily basis whether it is in the class or around the school.  We try to provide for our pupils to the best of our ability as CSPE teachers.  We encourage our pupils to be active citizens and to look out for the needs of everyone within the school.  It is important that we work together and have mutual respect for each other.  As a Junior Cert exam subject we encourage our pupils to be high achievers within the exam setting and to develop their skills and techniques so that they may become a valued and pro–active member of society.

CSPE Subject Aims:

The aims of Junior Cycle CSPE are to develop active citizens with:

  • A sense of belonging.
  • A capacity to gain access to information and structures relating to the society in which they live.
  • An ability and confidence to participate in democratic society.
  • An ability and confidence to become actively involved in their local community.

It should encompass feeling, knowing and doing.

CSPE Subject Objectives:

Students will develop;

  • Knowledge and understanding of the topics on the course.
  • Understanding of how the seven concepts play a key role in helping a person become informed and from that develop into an active citizen.
  • Skills of awareness, evaluation, communication and action and put these skills into practice.
  • Positive attitudes in relation to themselves, others, the environment and the wider world.
  • An understanding of the attitudes and the beliefs held by society and how these beliefs underpin society.

Subject Co-ordinator:

Mrs. Sarah Murray (Rotating 2015/2016)

Subject Teachers:

Mrs. Sarah Murray (2W)
Mrs. Elaine Farrelly (1B, 2E, 3T, 3G)
Mrs. Alice Donnelly (1L

Curriculum Content – Long-Term Planning

Content to be covered in each Year of Programme:
(This is subject to change depending on issues which may arise during the course of the year)


Year 1

Introduction to CSPE
Human rights/responsibilities
Human Dignity
Action Project and draft write-up

Year 2

Action Project and first draft write-up.

Year 3

Exam paper review

Student Access to Subject / Level:

This subject is taught to all students at Junior Cert level. It is presented as a common level subject and is in keeping with the school ethos that class groups are not streamed.


The aim for this subject is that the class is set in the timetable so that there is little time lost to P/T meetings, matches and days closed.   Therefore we try to set the class Tuesday to Thursday:

  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday     Friday
 P1  2E   EF CSPE
 P2  3G  EF CSPE



The course has two components:

1. A written Examination paper – Worth 40% of the overall grade.

2. A Report on participation in an Action Project or the presentation of a Course Work Assessment Booklet – This report is worth  60% of the overall grade.

Some Action Projects which DGS students have got involved in:

Action projects on Conservation are very popular with our pupils. Through Stewardship pupils learn that we are all stewards of the earth and it is our responsibility to look after the resources and wildlife we have and save them for future generations. Dublin Zoo is also an active steward. They breed endangered animals and also research behaviour and biology. They educate the public about the planet and its wildlife while also donating to conservation charities around the world.  Dublin Zoo works in partnership with other zoos to make a significant contribution to the natural  diversity of life on earth.  Drogheda Grammar School pupils are keen to play their part and have taken part in Action Projects on Conservation, Environmental Awareness and “Zooardship” through Dublin Zoo.

cspe 1

Development – “Walk for Water”  with Aid link an organization who enables communities in Africa to tackle poverty.

cspe 2

cspe 3








Stewardship – Raising Awareness about the Green Schools Committee


cspe 5


Awareness Raising

At Drogheda Grammar School we try to raise awareness by highlighting different days in order to empower young minds. Some of the days we focus on include:

  • International Peace Day – September 21st
  • International Day of Disabled Persons – December 3rd
  • International Human Rights Day – December 10th
  • International Women’s Day – March 8th
  • Fairtrade Fortnight 2nd – 3rd week in March
  • Earth Day – April 22nd
  • Europe Day –  May 9th


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