What is Business?

The subject Business is concerned with understanding the environment in which business operates.  Business at both junior and senior cycle aims to stimulate students’ interest in the business environment and how they interact with it. It develops skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that allow them to make informed and responsible decisions with all the resources available to them, ensuring their and society’s well-being, while becoming more self-aware as learners.

Business Studies at Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle Business Studies focuses on improving students’ understanding of the business environment and on developing skills for life, work and further study through the three inter-connected strands: Personal Finance, Enterprise and Our Economy. The new junior cycle incorporates a practical research and investigation group task in year 2 and an oral presentation in year 3. For more information regarding this please visit https://www.jct.ie/home/home.php

What do you Study in Senior Cycle?

You study all aspects of the Business World.

You learn about:

People in Business: Entrepreneurs, Consumers, Producers, Investors, Interest Groups, Employers and Industrial Relations.

Enterprise: Starting and running your own Business, Management of Business, Financial Planning, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Enterprise in the Community.

Environment in which Business Operates:  Legal Structure of Business, Government Regulation, Taxation, European Union (EU), International Monetary Fund (IMF), International trade, Ethical Business, Role of Information Technology in Business and Smart Economy.

How can you benefit by studying Business for Leaving Certificate?

Introduces students to the world of Business in a straightforward, practical and logical way.

Helps students create an awareness and appreciation of the importance of Business in both their working and personal life.

Strengthen knowledge of Current Affairs and the World of work. Eg) International Trade, The EU, Insurance Policies, Employee and Consumer Rights

You will develop many transferable life skills such as Communication, Literacy, Numeracy, Critical thinking and Problem Solving Skills.

For College:

Many Colleges offer Business courses but there is also strong elements of business incorporated across modules in a variety of other third level courses. It is therefore very useful to have background knowledge from your Leaving Certificate Course to help you further your studies for further education.

Career Options:

Management, Banking and Insurance, Sales, Teaching, Marketing, Event Management, Law, Human Resources, Taxation and Setting up your own Business. Almost every career imaginable today benefits from a good background knowledge of the Business World.