Welcome to the admissions section of our website. In the menu tabs for this section you will find the policies and forms relevant to applying for a place in our school. As with all processes there are a number of steps to follow:

  1. Research- at this point you will have been researching the school. This website will give you an overview as you explore it. Please also see our social media pages for a flavour of what happens day to day. Word of mouth is also an important source and if you know of any families who send their son/daughter here they will be the best source of information. Finally feel free to call, email or speak to us in person should you have any questions. We would be delighted to help. Contact info@droghedagrammarschool.ie to begin.
    It is important you trust us and feel confident we are the right school when applying. Our partnership will be one of the most important factors in your lives in the coming years as we help to nurture and educate your son/daughter.
  2. Read the Admissions Policy- this explains when, how and why we run the admissions process in the way we do.
  3. Fill out the Expression of Interest Form. – this is not an application form. It is simply saying you are interested in a place and asking us to get in touch when the time is right. It offers no advantage or priority but does ensure we let you know when to apply.
  4. Submit the application form during the admissions window. Please note that in accordance with The Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018 schools may now only enroll students from 1st October 2020 when students are in 6th Class. We cannot accept early applications or application forms. (The only exception to this is those who applied before 1st February 2020 (before the current Admissions bill was enacted) for places up to 2025.) The application form will only be available online during the admissions window.

During the admissions window we then begin to offer places based on the admission policy. When we write and offer a place our letter will explain what happens. You will be given a deadline to either accept the place or decline. Please note that places are limited and we always have a waiting list for places in our school. Should you not accept the place we will offer it to the next family on the list and it will be gone. It is important that you have provided us with your up to date contact details. The school is not responsible for misdirected mail due to incorrect details been provided. Deadlines must be kept and there is no point coming to us a month later and saying you now want to accept the place. It will be gone. We cannot give everyone a place who applies so it is really important that when a place is offered that the decision to accept has been well thought out.

We know it is a big decision and also know we have a big responsibility if we are trusted to educate your son/daughter. We thank you for taking the time and showing the interest and faith in our school.

Mr Hugh Baker