The department of Education has issued a statement over lunchtime that schools in Leinster and Munster are to remain closed on Thursday and Friday of this week. Therefore Drogheda Grammar School will be closed for the next 2 days.

It is our intention to re-open as normal next Monday 5th March.


Making up tuition time:

In order to ensure any lost tuition time because of this forced closure is made up the following will happen:

  1. 2 x planned half days school closures for training for new child protection procedures will be cancelled. Teaching staff have agreed to complete this training outside of the allotted time by the Department of Education in order to ensure teaching time is not lost for our students.
  2. The annual football blitz which was scheduled to take place all day on Friday 23rd March has been cancelled.
  3. Our summer exams will be compacted into less days (reduced by 2 days) . We did this at Christmas time to minimise loss of tuition time as a result of closure due to storm Ophelia.
  4. Non curricular trips will be kept to a minimum.
  5. Exam years will have the option of additional days at the end of the year if it is felt there is a need.

Oral exams which had been scheduled for Thursday and Friday of this week will be rescheduled when we return. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and will update should any circumstances change. For latest updates check our school twitter feed.