Dear parents,

As we come to the end of this term it is appropriate to give you a further update on our plans for the coming term and review our progress to date. We also want to let you know how we will help over Easter.

 Our focus in the past few weeks has been on establishing a clear routine for all involved and getting everyone into good habits. To date we feel this has worked and will continue to be the basis on which we plan.  We have also implemented a more direct “live” format in many of our classes and again we feel and hope these have been helpful. Our plan is to ensure variation in our methods to keep everyone interested, focused and engaged.

At the moment we are planning for both eventualities after Easter- the school being reopened or continuing as is. If this situation continues the teachers will be providing teaching and regular feedback and support through a mixture of both live classes and other interactive methods through google classroom. Again the work will be set each morning between 9 and 10 am of the day classes/subjects are scheduled.

We have also been thinking about the Easter period and realise it may be a long 2 weeks for families without the structure and support of your school. With that in mind I have asked all teachers to provide some work for each student to do over Easter. We normally do this for 3rd and 6th years as their revision plan.

This work is optional for other years (you may wish your son/daughter to take a break) but it is also there for you should you need it or you wish to maintain a routine that is working for you right now. Think of it as a Plan B should they be kicking around the house doing nothing

Our teachers will not be online for these 2 weeks but have set the work up on google classroom.  I repeat again this work is optional and set as a support for our parents should they need help keeping everyone busy and engaged. ! Don’t panic if it is not done, it is there to help if needed, not to create conflict. Do what is right for you and your family , this is provided to help if needed.

We will return to “class” on Monday 20th April. We will text beforehand to remind everyone of the importance of getting back into the routine again. During that week our plan will be to engage in some more whole school activities as well as class ones (I’m suggesting Virtual Friday detention with Ms Coll 😊). Our aim here will be to boost morale, welcome everyone back and keep connected.

Finally I wish to thank our teachers and students who have been patient, committed and exemplary to date in their commitment to engaging in a new and initially daunting environment. The level of upskilling, sharing of ideas and willingness to try new things has been very satisfying to see. We are teaching the skills of independence, resilience and self-motivation which will only help in the future. But most importantly our students are learning the importance of caring and connecting with others- the most vital of skills and ones which are to the forefront of all our minds at this time.

Should you need anything else please don’t hesitate to contact the school ( and we will do our best to help.

Take care,

Hugh Baker