Dear Parents 


As we progress I will try to keep everyone up to date.  We will text and put up any relevant information under latest news on our website. In the meantime, here are a few questions that you may have.


A few questions answered:

  1. How long is the school closed for and if it is shortened/extended how will we know if this changes?


The school is closed until March 29th (inclusive). We will text you and put a notice on the website if there is any change.

  1. Is there still school- how will my son/daughter learn?

All classes have been set up on google classroom. Teachers will post work each day they have class before 10:00am.  i.e.  If 1A have History on Tuesday, the History teacher will post History work on Tuesday. Maths on a Weds then maths update by 10 weds morning etc.

Work will be expected from all (students and teachers) on every day there should be school. However, please be reasonable and understanding in your expectations- the nature of this work will change and more will be expected with regard independent research and work.

 Also bear in mind this is a huge change for our teachers too, be patient and supportive.


  1. If my son/daughter has questions about the work how can they ask?

Google classroom has that facility. Each teacher also has an individual e-mail  ( e.g. They will respond before 10am the next day.


  1. I’m worried that my son/daughter will do no work?

They all know to check at 10:00am for their work. This will teach them to be more independent and will be a new way of learning and teaching for a few weeks. Embrace it and support them. Tell them I’ll be watching and checking!


  1. Our internet access is poor, what can we do?

Everyone has a phone and can text a classmate for updates if necessary- this is not an excuse and don’t facilitate it.


  1. My son/daughter has the Leaving/Junior cert- what is happening re: orals, practicals etc.?

We are not sure yet- don’t worry it will be organised in some way to ensure there will be as little stress for our students and support will be there where necessary.


  1. We don’t have all the textbooks at home?

The school will be open tomorrow, Friday from 9-12pm is you need to collect books etc. Please bring your student with you. Students can access their locker. Admin staff do not know which lockers belong to who.  We will also schedule an opening to come in and collect books next week. We are  placing resources for google classroom on our website to help guide and advise.

  1. I have no idea what google classroom is?

Don’t worry your son/daughter does and has been working with it all year- let them teach you. We will also be putting up resources and information on our website tomorrow to help.


  1. I have more questions- who do I ask?

Give us a little time and be patient. Don’t ask about next term before we deal with next week if you don’t mind. We are concentrating on ensuring teaching and learning continues. Email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please don’t email teachers about general school questions, I am asking them to concentrate on keeping our students working, providing productive work for everyone to do. I will deal with everything else for the moment.  Teachers can be emailed during work hours with relevant teaching and learning questions from students. Parents direct questions, concerns etc. to me.

  1. Is the school open for queries?

You may email the school with any queries.  The telephone will not be manned. We will answer emails as soon as we can.


Kind regards,

Hugh Baker