Dear parent,
              By now you will have heard that the school will remain closed until the 20th April. It is a challenging time for us all but it is heartening to see how everyone is rising to this challenge and working together.
I wish to start by thanking our teachers and students for the effort they are making to continue the teaching and learning online. To adopt a totally new style of teaching and learning is not easy and I for one am grateful for their work. We are seeing a whole variety of activities and methods being used as each teacher develops their own online identity and skills. 
We will continue to develop our methods and have been trying a number of approaches in order to keep things interesting while also maintaining a routine. Our main portal will continue to be Google classroom for each teacher. Each teacher is planning their classes and working hard in the background to ensure our students have a programme that is interesting , varied and engaging to follow. 
In order to help you the points below may help:
1. Work is always posted on the day of class between 9 and 10. This is to help maintain routine for all.
2. We are conscious that each family will have different challenges with regard to access to laptops/computers as well as other pressures. The work can be done at any time. Just let your teacher know what is happening. To have an off day or not be able to complete the work is fine every now and again, we understand the challenges. 
3. The most important thing is to connect and engage with each other , that is our focus for this week as we develop our teaching and learning. We all miss each other and are conscious our students need the engagement and feedback. 
4. Google classroom codes are available from and any teacher can be contacted by email should you have any concerns or need help/advice. Contact the subject teacher first.
5. The school is always open for communication. As the office staff are working remotely please contact if you need anything.
We will be in touch again soon. If you need anything please do not hesitate to ask,
kind regards,
Hugh Baker