The new Junior Cycle was introduced in September 2014.  In June 2017 these students sat the new Junior Cycle Final Assessment in English and in so doing became the first to receive the new Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement Award.  This award also reported on examples of Other Areas of Learning Experiences students have been involved with throughout their three years of Junior Cycle. Since then other subjects have come on board and these include Business and Science for current 2nd Years and Art, Irish, Modern Foreign Languages (to include French, Spanish and German ) for current 1st years.  The process continues until 2022 when all subject specifications in the new Junior Cycle will finally replace the old Junior Certificate.  Wellbeing has also been introduced as a compulsory component for Junior Cycle students from this year also.  Students complete Classroom Based Assessments in all subjects in Junior Cycle which are school based and which will in time replace traditional end of term assessments.

Form 2 are currently working on their Classroom Based Assessment Tasks in English, Science and Business Studies and the dates for completion are below.

The following YouTube link for Science gives a complete description of the eight topics assigned for the Classroom Based Assessments.             



Third Year

Ms. Maguire 3L              24th & 25th April Tuesday /Wednesday – Complete Assessment in Class

Ms. Reid 3B                     26th & 27th April Thursday /Friday – Complete Assessment in Class


Second Year Oral Communication.  Begin Research 27th April.

Oral 8th – 18th May will take place in class.

Completion of 2nd Year Oral Communication Task

Students will be given a choice of presenting one of the following, based on ‘The Outsiders’:

  1. Performance
  2. Presentation
  3. Interview
  4. Response to stimulus material

Please ensure your son/daughter is in school for the above dates.



Current Third Year Students:

Latest date for student completion of The Collection of the Student’s Texts Friday 20th April 2018
Allocated Time for completion of the Assessment Task Monday 23rd-Friday 27th April 2018

 3rd Year classroom Based Assessment Tasks 3 & 4

Topics: 3 Debate Speech on Sports, Technology or the Abolition of Zoos

              4 Critical Essay based on ‘Blood Brothers’ or ‘The Outsiders’.


Current Second Year Students:

Period for work on and completion of Oral Communication Friday 27th April to Friday 18th May 2018



Current Second Year Students:

The timeline the school follows for Business in Action classroom-based assessment in 2018.

Period during which students spend four weeks completing Business in Action Monday 12th March to Friday 20th April 2018



Current Second Year Students:

The timeline the school follows for Extended Experimental Investigation (EEI) classroom-based assessment for 2018.

Period during which students spend three weeks completing the Extended Experimental Investigation Friday 20th April to Friday 18th May 2018