Ordinary Level:  Fuinneamh Nua  & Cleachtadh don Scrúdú Leabhrán – Yvonne O’Toole & Elizabeth Wade (Edco)

Higher Level:    Fiúntas Nua  & Cleachtadh don Scrúdú Leabhrán  Yvonne O’Toole & Elizabeth Wade (Edco)

All students: Hardback Copy. Manuscript copy for exam work. Set of Past Exam Papers: An Comhlacht Oideachais (Red Cover).Collins Pocket Easy Learning Irish Dictionary in Colour -required daily in class.


Higher Level:    Retain all books from 5th Year: (King Lear Expression, (James Carney & Brenda Collins) Excellence in English and This is Poetry H. Level 2021 (FORUM).     New: ‘The Spinning Heart’ by Donal Ryan, ‘Philadelphia Here I come’ by Brian Friel.  2 Manuscript Copies not hardbacks + USB stickA4 Ring binder folder + Poly pockets.  Higher Level Exam Papers.

Ordinary level  Keep all books from 5th Year: Philadelphia Here I come by Brian Friel, “Eclipsed” by Patricia Burke Brogan, “English Extra Ordinary level” and This Is Poetry, Ordinary Level 2021 (FORUM).  New: “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro.     2 Manuscript Copies not hardbacks + USB stick.   A4 Ring binder folder + Poly pockets.  Ordinary Level Exam Papers.


Higher Level: Text & Tests 4 & 5 (New Edition) .  Mathematical Tables (Gov Publications), Mathematical Instruments, 2 Copies, 2 A4 Hardbacks, Calculator (Must be Casio fx 83/85 GTX) Exam Papers to be purchased in school when available

Ordinary Level: Text & Tests 3.  Mathematical Tables (Gov Publications), Mathematical Instruments, Refill Pad, Calculator (Must be Casio fx 83/85 GTX). Exam Papers to be purchased in school when available

History:  The Making of Ireland- Paul Twomey, Educate.ie, The Making of Europe and the Wider World Gregg O’Neill & Paul Twomey, Educate.ie.  . (Students should have these books since Form Five).  Two A4 Hardback Notebooks.

Geography:   Leaving Certificate Geography Landscapes Core Units and Human Elective by Declan Fitzgerald & P.J. White, Gill.  2 A4 Hard Back Copies, 1 Refill pad, Small packet of colour pencils & 2 Glue Stick, a small pair of scissors and a pack of white board markers

Higher level only: Leaving Certificate Geography Landscapes Option 7 Geoecology by Declan Fitzgerald & P.J. White.   Exam Papers will be ordered through the teacher in September


Politics & Society:   1 A4 Hardback.  1 display folder with (60) plastic pockets (from 5th Year). 1 glue stick and scissors.

1 packet of whiteboard markers.  Exam papers to be purchased in September from class teacher

Textbook to be decided in September. 1 USB key (for politics only)

French:   Montage Toujours textbook. 2 copies (ideally another for oral work). Exam Papers (available September).

French/English dictionary

German:  Deutsch Komplett (Folens  2nd edition folder with poly pockets, dividers and refill pad. . LC exam papers will be ordered in September in school.

Home Economics:   Complete Home Economics by Leanne Gillick and Laura Healy

Construction Studies:   Construction Studies. – Get Constructive, Eva Corcoran, Sean King and William Nolan, Educate.ie. Technical Graphics equipment.  A4 Hardback copy, Colouring pencils. A4 Ring Binder.

Design & Communication Graphics: Graphics in Communication and Design, David Anderson. Multi-Coloured Felt tip pens, A3 Folder, A4 sketch pad.

Biology:  Life’ Leaving Cert Biology by Maume & Scott-Sweeney – FOLENS.  1 Hardback Science Notebook.  1 Copy

Chemistry:  Chemistry Live 2nd Edition & Workbook by Declan Kennedy – Folens.  1 Hardback manuscript copy (approx. 240mm x 180mm).  1 Hardback Science Notebook. 1 Copy. Scientific Calculator.  Exam Papers.

Physics:  Real World Physics by Dan O’Regan – Folens. 1 Hardback manuscript copy (approx. 240mm x 180mm). 1 Hardback Science Notebook. 1 copy. Scientific Calculator.  Exam Papers.

Music:   Notes Revision B Workbook – Higgins & Higgins. Music Score – Seachanges, Raymond Deane

Music Score – Piano Concerto No 23 in A major, Mozart. Music Manuscript copy

Economics:  Positive Economics written for the New Leaving Certificate Specification, Edco written by Susan Hayes Culleton, Trudie Murray and Brian O’Connor.

BUSINESS: Textbook is 21st Century Business the Revised Edition by William Murphy from CJ Fallon (Workbook is included with textbook). 1 x A4 Hardback and 1x A11 Copybook to use as a test copy. 1 x A4 Folder with pockets. Exam papers will need to be bought at a later date and will be organised by the class teacher

ART: Less Stress, More Success – Art textbook.  I packet of good quality colouring pencils. A3 Sketch pad (x2) . Selection of pencils (B6, B4, B2, B, HB, 2H). eraser. pencil sharpener.  A graphite block (B2, B4, B6).  putty rubber. Set of 10 acrylic paints.  Selection of 7 soft-hair brushes.  A metal palette knife. A2 or A1 Cardboard folder or Plastic folder Box of oil pastels (optional)