In December 2017, six Fifth Year students entered into a competition as part of the extra curricular Enterprise Club. The competition was organised by TV3 and ran by a local company based in Navan called Fintech Prepaid Solutions. 

The aim of the competition was to nurture and encourage innovation and analytical thinking amongst students by asking students to create a new method of payment solutions on behalf of their company. 

The students proposed and presented their idea to a panel of senior executives in a board room style meeting. The students proposed and delivered the idea of creating an E Wallet that is based on very advanced block chain technology to aid customer payments and transactions with Prepaid Financial Services.  Although the students did not win the overall competition, the panel of judges and entrepreneurs were so impressed by the students ideas, professionalism and decorum they donated a fund of  €5000.00 to  the school to be spend on technological equipment to encourage and aid future students to develop and enhance their IT  skills and ideas.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the business experience of working together as a team to research and develop a new idea from scratch and loved getting first hand life experience of presenting and interviewing with senior business executives.