Some of these dates & events may be subject to change depending on DES & HSE guidelines


August 27th Thursday                                          Forms 5, 6 begin @ 8:45 am – 13:05

August 27th Thursday                                          Form 1 begin @ 9:30 am – 13:05

August 28th Friday                                               Forms 2, 3, 4 begin @ 8:45am – 13:05

August 28th Friday                                               Transition Year Module 1 Begins

August 31st Monday                                            Full school day for all



September 8th Tuesday                                       PTA AGM & Guest Speaker – 7:30pm

September 18th Friday                                        Higher Options RDS

September 28th Monday                                    Breakfast Bonding – Form 1/Mentors/Tutors/Year Head

September 28th – 2nd October                            DATS Testing Transition Year



October 1st – 4th & 7th – 11th                                Class Tests for Forms 3, 5, 6

October 12th– 16th                                               Maths Week

October 21st – 25th                                               Anti-Bullying Week             

October 23rd Friday                                             Half-Term Holiday begins at 3:40pm                              



November 2nd Monday                                       School Reopens at 8:45am for Assembly

November 4th – 6th                                               Transition Year End of Module 1- Exams

November 9th Monday                                       Transition Year Module 2 Begins

November 9th Monday                                       Breakfast Bonding – Transition Year

November 9th – 13th                                            Science Week

November 10th Tuesday                                     Form 5 Parent/Teacher/Student Meeting 4:15 – 6:45pm

November 16th Monday                                     Breakfast Bonding – First Years/Mentors/Tutors/Year Head

November 18th Wednesday                               Form 6 Parent/Teacher/Student meeting 4.15 – 6.45pm

November 23rd – 27th                                           House exams for Forms 1, 2, 5

November 26th Thursday                                    Sixth Form CAO information evening for Parents & Students 7pm



December 10th Thursday                                    Christmas Carol Service

December 17th Thursday                                    Christmas Concert 7:00pm

December 18th Friday                                         Student & Staff Christmas lunch – School Closes @ 1:05pm



January 6th Wednesday                                      School Reopens at 8:45am for Assembly

January 11th Monday                                          Breakfast Bonding – Form 1/Mentors/Tutors/Year Head

January 12th Tuesday                                          Form 3 Parent/Teacher/Student Meeting 4:15 – 6:45pm

January 20th Wednesday                                    Form 2 Parent/Teacher/Student Meeting 3:00 – 7:00pm

January 27th – 29th                                                Transition Year End of Module 2 – Exams





February 1st Monday                                           Transition Year Module 3 begins

February 3rd Wednesday                                    Form 1 Parent/Teacher/Student Meeting 3.00-7.00pm

February 8th – 12th                                                Transition Year Work Experience Week 1

February 4th – 12th                                                Form 6 & Form 3 Mock Exams         

February 12th Friday                                            Half-Term Holidays Begin at 3:40pm

February 22nd Monday                                       School Reopens at 08:45am for Assembly

February 22nd – 26th February                            Transition Year Work Experience Week 2



March 1st Monday                                               Transition Year Module 3 begins

March 1st Monday                                               Breakfast Bonding – Transition Year

March 1st – 6th                                                       DGS Book Week

March 2nd Tuesday                                              Form 5 2020 Subject Options Information Night for TY

March 8th Monday                                               Breakfast Bonding – Form 1/Mentors/Tutors/Year Head

March 8th – 12th                                                    Seachtain na Gaeilge                         

March 9th – 12th (T-F)                                            Transition Year to Outdoor Pursuits Centre Gartan Co. Donegal

March 17th Wednesday                                      School Closed – Bank Holiday for St. Patrick’s Day

March 26th Friday                                                School Closes for Easter Break @ 3:40pm



April 12th Monday                                                School Re-Opens at 08:45am for Assembly

April 12th – 16th                                                     Transition Year Work Experience Week 3

April 27th Tuesday                                                Transition Year Portfolio Interviews



May 3rd Monday                                                   School Closed for Public Holiday

May 14th – 18th                                                        Transition Year End of Module 3 – Exams

May 14th Friday                                                    Prize Day 1:40-3:40pm

May 19th Wednesday                                          Transition Year Award Ceremony 7:30 – 9:30pm

May 20th Thursday                                               Transition Year Fun Day 

May 20th to 28th                                                   Exams Forms 1, 2, 5

May 21st Friday                                                    Form 6 Graduation Ceremony @ 4:00pm

May 24th Monday                                                 Transition Year Mentoring Day 




June 3rd Thursday                                                 End of school year

June 9th Wednesday                                            State Examinations begin



DATES OF EVENTS TO BE CONFIRMED: Open Evening & 1st Year Parents social event

Please note this may be subject to change. Parents will be informed of any changes by text message.