• Higher Options and School Summit for all senior years accompanied by Guidance Counsellor
  • Review Module Plan for 5th Guidance/ SPHE/ ‘RSE’,’ Bodyright’, ‘Mind Yourself’
  • Organise groups for JC Wellbeing/Guidance/Subject Choice
  • Contact all last year’s visiting speakers plus new and schedule career talks
  • Individual guidance sessions with 5th years and 6th years to review subject level choices
  • Organise modular workshops/industry for 6th Year 
  • Small group meetings re UCAS, Eunicas. Personal statements preparation
  • Individual guidance sessions re student reference preparation.
  • Information class regarding Irish language exemptions, HEAR/DARE Information
  • Liaise with SEN coordinator – Dare / exemption applicants
  • Presentation on CAO to 6th Years
  • Prepare Career Information Evening for parents of 6th Year students for October
  • Prioritise students applying to UCAS (earlier closing date) individual guidance sessions     
  • Cover Subject Choice with 1st years in their class groups