• CAO application, One to one meetings with all 6th years.
  • Eunicas personal statements to finish.
  • SUSI Grant applications.
  • DARE applications with students by appointment for 1 hour session.
  • Open Day attendance.
  • Continued visiting speakers to DGS from main feeder colleges and PLC colleges. 
  • 6th years one to one appointments for pastoral counselling.
  • Stress Management and Mindfulness group sessions for 6th years.
  • Continued Counselling, OT, CAMHS, GP referrals.
  • January UCAS deadline for personal statements.
  • January 20th CAO online deadline for discounted rate.
  • Personal EIS statements to be completed in one to one sessions.     
  • Pastoral counselling continues.
  • 6th Years results of mock exams evaluated and goal setting.


  • Individual appointments for TY year regarding Aptitude assessments. 1:1 sessions to interpret and deliver results to students.  Emphasis is on building esteem and confidence while highlighting aptitude for chosen careers.
  • TY projects to be completed.
  • PLC applications with 6th year students.
  • Eunicas applications with 6th years and personal statements and interview preparation.
  • HEAR and DARE applications to be completed.
  • PLC Open Days.
  • PLC applications prioritised (online).
  • PLC interview preparation one to one.
  • Apprenticeship applications assistance.
  • Subject choice and levels assistance with 5th, 6th years post Mock exams.
  • Start Subject choice with TY students.
  • Further student reference and personal statements preparation for Eunicas.
  • Grant SUSI applications.
  • TY assessment group interviews.
  • Inspection of research projects.
  • Pastoral counselling appointments continued.
  • Interviews and portfolios preparation for restricted courses.
  • Grants – SUSI applications open.
  • Financial support for further study via bursaries applications.
  • Interview assessments for Transition year students regarding career project.
  • To complete personal statements, CV’s and student references.