The Department of Education and Skills has updated information for schools on Covid-19.

This has been provided by the Department of Health and HSE Health Protection Surveillance

Centre following a meeting of the National Public Health Emergency Team. Detailed information is available through following the link below.


Public health doctors are available to liaise with schools and advise on precautions if staff

and/or students have any concerns.

Procedures for people returning from affected areas.

Anyone who has been to affected regions in the last 14 days and has a cough, shortness of

breath, breathing difficulties or fever should self-isolate and phone their GP immediately.


Anyone who has travelled from the affected regions and has no symptoms should visit for advice.


If we are made aware of any of our pupils who have returned from any of the affected regions,

their parents will be informed to this effect and expected to follow current HSE advice and guidelines and direction from the school.  


Any new information/procedures will be updated as we are made aware.

The most important action we can take to protect ourselves from Covid-19 is regular hand-

washing and good respiratory hygiene and use a factual approach and common sense when discussing the issues with our students and children.



Hugh Baker