Third Level Open Day Scheduleopen-day 2


November/December 2019

November 1st HPAT Ireland 2020 Expected Standard Registration – HPAT Ireland
November 2nd GMIT Mayo Campus Open Day – Galway-Mayo IT – Castlebar                                                        National College of Art & Design Portfolio Information Sessions                                                    SAT Subject Tests
November 3rd World Conference on Online Learning 2019 – Dublin City University
November 4th MSAP Ireland Registrations Open
November 5th

CAO 2020 – Change of Course Choices (Free) Facility Opens                                                       

CAO 2020 – Online Application Facility Opens                                                                               

HEI Autumn Conference 2019 – Cork                                                                                               

Postgraduate Open Day – NUI Galway

November 6th

Southeast Science Festival 2019 (2 Weeks) – CALMAST                                                               

HEI Autumn Conference 2019 – Kilkenny                                                                                         

Open Day (Every Wednesday) – Roslyn Park College                                                                          

November 7th

HEI Autumn Conference 2019 – Meath                                                                                             

National Maritime College of Ireland Open Day

November 8th

DkIT Campus wide Open Day 2019                                                                                                   

Try Architecture at Waterford IT

November 9th

DkIT Family Open Morning 2019 (Sat)                                                                                             

CAO Portfolio-Prep & Information Day (Sat) – Limerick IT – Tipperary                                   

Undergraduate Open Day (Sat) – University College Dublin

November 10th

Science Festival – IT Sligo                                                                                                                     

Science Week & Limerick Festival of Science – Limerick IT                                                         

Science Week 2019 – Science Foundation Ireland

November 11th Stand Up Awareness Week 2019 – BeLonG To
November 12th HEI Autumn Conference 2019 – Monaghan
November 13th HEI Autumn Conference 2019 – Galway
November 14th

Carlow College Open Day                                                                                                               

Cavan & Monaghan ETB Career Event 2019                                                                                     

Colaiste Dhulaigh CFE – Information Evening                                                                                   

IT Carlow – Carlow Campus – Open Day                                                                                             

NUI Galway Information Evening – Kildare                                                                                       

Dublin School of Creative Arts Open Day & Portfolio Clinic – TU Dublin – City Campus         

Leaving Certificate Music Day – Waterford IT                                                                                            

November 15th

CIT Crawford College of Arts & Design – Open Day                                                                         

Cork IT Open Day 2019                                                                                                                           

Dublin City University Open Days (2 Days – Fri & Sat)                                                                   

Dublin City University Guidance Counsellor Seminar                                                                     

Sports Performance Workshops – Limerick IT – Tipperary

November 16th

BIMM Institute Dublin Open Day (Sat)                                                                                             

CIT Cork School of Music – Open Day (Sat)                                                                                     

Marino Institute of Education – 2019 Open Day (Sat)                                                                   

St Patrick’s Campus DCU – Open Day (Sat)

November 17th Higher Education Authority College Awareness Week
November 18th AHEAD Better Options 2019
November 19th

IGC Carlow – Careers Day                                                                                                                       

Shannon College of Hotel Management – Open Evening

November 20th

IGC Kerry Careers Fair                                                                                                                           

Irish College of Humanities & Applied Sciences – Open Evening                                             

National College of Ireland – CAO Open Day                                                                             

Sallynoggin CFE – Open Day & Interviews

November 21st

Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute – Information Day                                                     

IT Carlow – Wexford Campus – Open Day                                                                                           

Letterkenny IT – Open Day

November 22nd

Galway-Mayo IT Letterfrack – Open Day                                                                                         

Griffith College Dublin – CAO Open Day                                                                                             

Institute of Art Design & Technology – Open Days (2 Days – Fri & Sat)                                       

SciFest 2019 National Final                                                                                                                   

Waterford IT Autumn Open Days (2 Days – Friday & Saturday)

November 23rd

Jobs Expo Cork (Sat)                                                                                                                     

Cavan Institute – Drop In Day (Sat)                                                                                                   

Open Day at LIT Thurles Campus (Sat)                                                                                               

Lir – National Academy of Dramatic Art – Open Day (Sat)                                                           

Mary Immaculate College Thurles – Open Day (Sat)                                                                         

MIC St. Patricks Campus Thurles – Open Day (Sat)                                                                       

Portobello Institute  – Open Day (Sat)                                                                                             

Trinity College Dublin – Open Day (Sat)                                                                                           

University of South Wales – Undergraduate Open Day (Sat)                                                       

Waterford CFE – Open Day (Sat)

November 26th University College Dublin – Computer Science Open Evening
November 27th Annual Information Day for Guidance Counsellors – Cork IT                                                            National College of Art & Design – Open Day 2019
November 29th Maynooth University – Open Days (2 Days – Fri & Sat)                                                                      Pontifical University St Patrick’s Coll Maynooth – Autumn Open Days (2 Days – Fri & Sat)      TU Dublin – City Campus – Annual Open Days (2 Days – Fri & Sat)
December 3rd Dublin Business School – Open Day (5 pm-7 pm)
December 4th Roslyn Park College Open Day (Every Wednesday)
December 5th

NUI Galway Information Evening – Letterkenny                                                                     

Irish College of Humanities & Applied Sciences

December 7th

BIMM Institute Dublin Open Day (Sat)

SAT Subject Tests – SAT College Board

December 9th Limerick IT – Engineering Week
December 10th

Limerick IT – Construction Day

Waterford IT – Try Business at WIT

December 11th Liberties College Interviews
December 12th NUI Galway Information Evening – Athlone
December 31st Trinity Pharmacy TY Placement Application Deadline


 DARE Application Timeline

From November 2019 

CAO applications from 4th November 2019 at 12 noon:

1. Review the DARE Handbook with your parent (s)/guardians (s)
2. Make a CAO application at

3. Fill in the online Supplementary Information Form (SIF) at

4. Complete your Educational Impact Statement with your school.

5. Gather your Evidence of Disability documentation.

By 1st February 2020

By 1st March 2020

Apply to CAO by 17:15:
1. You must indicate your wish to be considered for DARE by ticking ‘Yes’ to Question 1 on
2. You must complete Section A (Questions 1-5) of the Supplementary Information Form.
By 1st April 2020

You must return the completed, signed AND stamped

1. Educational Impact Statement (Section B)

2. Evidence of Disability (Section C) or other Evidence of Disability to the CAO, Tower House, Eglinton Street, Galway by 17:15.

Make sure your documents are clear and can be easily read.  Put your name and CAO number on all documents.  Faxed/emailed documents are not accepted.

April – June 2020

Late June 2020

Assessment of DARE applications.

You will be notified of the outcome of the DARE application by the end of June.

End June/Early July/Late July 2020

DARE Recheck.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the recheck application.

 August 2020

Leaving Certificate Exam Results.

Eligible DARE applications compete for reduced points places.

CAO Offers to eligible DARE applications.

Course offers are made and should be accepted through the CAO.

 Late August/September 2020  Attend Orientation and register with Disability Support Services.



September 5th  CAO Presentation
September 19th  Higher Options
September 26th NUI Galway
October 3rd NUI Maynooth
October 10th NUI DCU
October 17th IT and Guidance Well-being
October 25th  Engineers Ireland/Science
November 7th TU Dublin
November 14th  CAO
November 21st  DKIT
November 27th  CAO & Study Skills (Parents only) 6.30- 7.30
November 28th Study Skills Workshop
December 5th Ulster University
December 12th Mindfullness/Well-being