Students in Drogheda Grammar School were reminded to “Be a buddy and not a bully” as the focus turned to the important issue of preventing bullying and ensuring everyone was aware of what bullying was and how to deal with it if it arose.

Cyberbullying in particular took the focus with all students in the school receiving training and a workshop on internet safety given by the external facilitators from E-Safety. Along with this there were a number of competitions run throughout the school and classes dealing with topics related to bullying were held by each tutor group every day.

By the end of the week the school was awash with posters, poems, short stories and various models as each subject contributed in their own way to the week and its theme. The week culminated in a non-uniform and fancy dress day which raised funds for the charity Aware. Well done to all in in particular the Anti-bullying committee led by Ms Maguire helped by Ms Galway and Mr Walls.