Drogheda Grammar School embarked on an optimistic endeavour Tuesday when they entered teams in all three categories of the Inter-Schools All-Ireland Chess Finals in Dublin.  The School was represented in the Champions Section, The Junior Section and the Ladies Category, in the finals which took place in the Green Isle Hotel.  The Junior team took the tournament by storm with an unbeaten run early on which ensured that victory over second-placed Sligo Grammar School was almost certain by the end of the fourth round.

In the Champions Category the Drogheda Grammar School A-Team faced fierce competition from Royal School (Cavan), Royal and Prior Comprehensive School (Donegal) and the Drogheda Grammar School B-Team.  This contest ended in a tie for first place between Drogheda Grammar School and Royal and Prior Comprehensive while the Drogheda Grammar School B-Team managed to attain third place.  A play off between Drogheda Grammar School and Royal and Prior Comprehensive followed, from which the Grammar School managed to take first place.

The Grammar School Ladies Team won first place in the Ladies section with Ria Smyth being awarded ‘Player of the Tournament’ in the Ladies Section.  First Years Bartosz Walkowiak and Krystian Kilarski managed to have an unbeaten run on the day, before being informed that only one could take the title as ‘Player of the Tournament’ in the Junior Category.  Bartosz Walkowiak lifted the trophy after facing a very tough challenge.

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